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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Floral Phenomenon

My latest cold weather fashion fixation is patterned tights. Having already purchased fishnets, pointelle tights, spider web tights, lace leggings, and red plaid tights, I thought I'd give my new floral tights a try. As I put them on, I had the feeling they might elicit dirty looks, stares, or otherwise unwelcome attention from the less fashion-oriented folks in my casual, flip flop-infested beach community. To my pleasant surprise, I observed nothing of the sort. Admittedly, tights like these are for days when I'm feeling bold, upbeat, and extroverted. Strangely enough, the tights seem to have a positive effect on my mood; it's hard not to smile while wearing such colorful legwear. Now that I've stocked up on tights, all I need is some cold weather!

floral tights

T-shirt - Old Navy, skirt - Richard Chai for Target, belt - H&M, tights - F21, boots - Alice + Olivia for Payless