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Monday, September 1, 2008

Borrowing From The Boys Again

After experimenting with pegged boyfriend jeans a few weeks ago, I've found them to be perfect for long, leisurely weekends such as this one. A visit to the boy's department of a local thrift store unearthed a Superman tee in great condition, and later, a brief trip to Goodwill resulted in my most beloved boyfriend jeans of all. Behold my perfectly faded, baggy Levis (purchased for less than $5) that are so worn I can't even tell what size or style they are. They satisfy the craving I had for some Levis with the right amount of fading on the thighs and a loose fit in the hip and waist area. To combat the potentially frumpy effect of the boyfriend jeans, I tucked in the tee and added some high-heeled sandals and a patent belt.


** Stay posted for a few images of Target's GO International Private Label Collection 3. There won't be any fitting room escapades this time around, but I did pick up a few pieces and will be sharing my thoughts on them very soon...

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