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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Another Round - Target's GO International Private Label 3

Target Go International Private Label

As promised, I'm going to share my thoughts on Target's latest GO International Private Label Collection 3. These days, the GO collections seem to be churned out faster than I can catch my breath, and there are still racks and racks of Richard Chai merchandise (and it's not even on sale) at the Targets nearest me. Perhaps some shoppers in my area can't keep up, aren't interested, or simply don't care. All the more selection for me, it's just as well! Unlike with the first two private labels, I didn't see any print ads in the fashion magazines that I read regularly, and therefore, wasn't anticipating this collection as much. My inspection of the collection resulted in the purchase of the 5 garments pictured above.

#1 is the ruffled tee in Matisse blue. The photo does not do it justice, as the ruffles on the front and sleeves aren't visible. I think the ruffles add interest and a feminine edge to an otherwise plain scoop-neck tee, and for $17.99, it's a great buy. The shirt (which runs big) is 58% cotton and 42% modal, which makes it soft and comfortable. If you're looking for a great basic tee to dress up an outfit, I highly recommend it.

#2 is the graphic flounce skirt. It's 100% polyester with a polyester lining. It feels like a decent quality satin, and the paintbrush-esque strokes lend it an artsy and modern feel. The skirt features two faux flap pockets on the front and a sturdy zipper in the center back. At $26.99, I think this piece will be one of the best sellers in the collection.

#3 is the black and white houndstooth tee which retails for $16.99. It runs small compared to the other tops in the collection, and is made of 58% cotton and 42% modal. I like the Marc by Marc Jacobs-inspired houndstooth print, and it so closely resembles a knit that it intrigues me. For a youthful, mod look I'm going to pair it with brightly colored denim and sharp heels.

#4 is the calico shirt with the crochet trim and banded waist. I had trouble pulling the sleeves past my forearms because the banded area was too tight. In general, the shirt runs big, but I think the patternmakers made drastic mistakes on measuring the diameter of the lower sleeves. The shirt costs $26.99 and is perfect for the "country" fashion theme that's taking hold this season. In the photo, I paired it with a cropped racerback vest, also from Target.

#5 is the calico print dress which sells for $39.99. It's an otherwise simple A-line silhouette, but when belted with the fabric belt, it takes on a much more waist-defining and flattering shape. In the photo, I used my own apple belt instead. The dress is 100% polyester (satin), with a subtle shine, and is a heavier weight than most of Target's previous satin dresses. I was expecting this dress to be a woven cotton, based upon how it looked in the image album photo. There is a nice ruffle at the bottom, but no zipper, so you have to pull it on over your head. I'd pair the dress with Victorian boots, a cardigan, and knit beanie or I'd layer a military-inspired vest on top and add some textured tights for cooler temperatures.

Did anyone else shop this collection and have any thoughts to share?

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