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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Weekend Warmup

Does anyone else find it challenging to buy fall jackets and cozy knits when the weather is uncomfortably hot and humid? During my weekend shopping excursion at Orange County's mecca of retail, South Coast Plaza, I found myself buying summer-y clothing in fall colors and prints. No matter how much air conditioning a store can blast from its vents, I'm still cognizant of the fact that the weather is hottest during August, therefore, I struggle with buying long sweaters, thick coats, and other cold weather attire. The items that I bought include: a tank top, a checkered mini skirt, a preppy, lightweight 3/4- sleeve blazer, some layered necklaces, a tiered floral print chiffon dress, a flouncy headband, and a plaid shirtdress. It's much more satisfying to be able to wear the goods right away. Since plaid is one of fall's most popular prints, I opted for the casual shirtdress pictured below from H&M. It's a piece that will work well with layers during the fall and winter, but one that I can also wear now.

plaid shirtdress
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