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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Trend On The Rise - Acid & Stone Washed Denim

Once upon a time I declared that I would not revisit several trends from the '80s: neon, acid-washed denim, and stirrup pants. Given the cyclical nature of fashion and my weakness for trends, I've already fallen victim to neon. Now it's acid and stone-washed finishes that I fancy. Once a relic of my youth, this trend has reared its ugly head, and for some reason, I'm liking it more and more. Now is when I'm cursing myself for not saving much of my clothing from the '80s. Perhaps it didn't hurt that Nylon magazine featured several acid-washed styles in its August denim issue, including the very same pair of skinnies that I bought several weeks ago at Wet Seal (in two different colors). Since some of you may approve of this trend, and some of you may have missed out on it the first time around, here are a few of my tips for wearing it:

1. Keep it current. Unless you want to look like a head-to-toe tribute to the '80s, avoid pairing your acid-washed denim with jelly shoes, neon, hair band tees, or anything Madonna-esque. Some simple The Who band pins and classic Dr. Martens (pictured above) are just enough to give you a timeless rock 'n' roll edge.

2. Basics are best. Yes, basics can be boring, but they can also be chic, especially when styled in your own unique way. Lately I've been drawn to basics such as my Rogan for Target linen blend tank top and my American Apparel tees. They let other parts of your outfit take center stage and allow you to use your accessories to make a statement. Above, I chose a simple striped tee and knit vest to keep the look casual and current.

3. Make the fit modern. This time around your acid-washed skinnies will probably fit much better than the baggy-thigh-unflattering-mom-jeans of the '80s. Or if you're wearing an acid-washed jacket, skirt or shorts, make sure the silhouette fits well and is simple and modern...unless you bought it at a thrift store, of course. (Then I advocate some DIY denim projects.) The key to making it work is to mix it with un-fussy, up-to-date pieces for a fresh and fun take on the trend.

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