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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Taking Chai Home - Part 4

Although some of you may be thinking "enough of the Richard Chai for Target reviews already", I went back to another Target store for more. After speaking with the store operator/fitting room attendant by phone, who told me that they had a decent selection and that lots of people were trying the goods on, I had to go and have a look for myself. I spied a new item, the orange and violet graffiti rose print tee, pictured below, for $14.99. It's 100% cotton, but since I disliked the color combinaiton, I didn't bother to try it on. It's just too bright for me. Had it been blue and white, I would have bought it.

Thankfully, this particular store had the georgette skirt that was styled so well in the August issue of Nylon. It runs big, has a lining, and is ever so slightly transparent. The stripes look like paintbrush strokes (hence the name), and the skirt looks much better in person. I like the shades of blue and violet contrasted against the neutral gray. Below on the right I paired it with an American Apparel tube dress, and pulled it up to my waist so I could cinch it with a corset belt. I think it looks more expensive than $29.99, and it's very feminine.
Having seen the graffiti rose print dress in the print ads, I wasn't terribly excited to try it on. Like I expected, it ran big. I tried on a size 3 and there was plenty of room in the bodice. The length was too long for my taste, and I didn't like the plain straps, but I liked the two pockets in the skirt. If I were going to buy this, I would size down and probably hem it up to the black band or higher. With the bold graphic print and roomy silhouette, it overwhelmed my petite frame. The seam details on the front of this dress are impressive, but they get lost in the print and must be appreciated in person. Overall, this dress is a thumbs up for tall gals.

If what was left on the racks is any indication of what's going to sell out from this line, then most of the tank tops will be hits. Luckily, they had one graffiti rose print tank left and it was my size. Below, I layered the striped tank from the collection underneath it and added my new American Apparel mini with a vintage belt.

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