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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Shopping Report - Fall '08

After a brief bout of fashion sickness (meaning that I was lacking fashion inspiration and was tired of seeing stale summer trends in stores), I'm feeling much better about adding some new pieces to my fall '08 wardrobe. Like many teens heading to the mall in August for back-to-school shopping, I spent some time browsing fresh, new merchandise. Unlike the teens, however, I didn't bring my mom. For those who are interested in what to expect this season, here's a list of what I saw:

argygle sweater vests layered over floral chiffon blouses
prim & proper bow-tie (secretary-style) blouses
ethnic/folkloric prints on gathered skirts and dresses
leopard prints
cropped & colored skinny denim
fedoras in bright hues such as cherry red
plaid prints (on shorts, woven Western-style tops, pleated minis, scarves, and hefty dresses)
rock 'n' roll graphic printed tees
black lace tops
tailored vests (attached to tees or woven tops)
faded, distressed denim in light washes
ruffled blouses
pencil skirts
chandelier earrings
animal print leggings
colorclock dresses
smocked blouses
leaf prints
neon nail polish
tiered tops

What I was looking for but didn't find:

1990s-style motorcycle jacket in leather or fleece
distressed boyfriend fit jeans
blue plaid jacket or blazer
tulip skirt
comic book-inspired tee
bowler or porkpie hat
boyfriend fit cutoff shorts
shrunken schoolboy blazer
studded ankle boots

Why do I suddenly feel the urge to go thrifting...