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Friday, August 15, 2008

On My Radar - An Interview With Sara Millionaire

With new fashion blogs popping up like weeds on the lawn of a foreclosed house, it's refreshing to see the work of an engaging, thoughtful blogger like Sara Millionaire of Waitin' Round To Be A Millionaire. On her blog, Sara documents her personal style and offers clever commentary on the latest trends. I first discovered her blog while poring through my referral logs and once I began reading, I must admit I was hooked. Her strong editorial voice, extensive vocabulary, and expertly edited graphics put her at the top of my favorite blogger list. In my opinion, she's raising the bar for independent fashion and style bloggers. Seeing as we both live in southern California and have a love for cheap chic retailers, I can't help but admire her and relate to her polished sense of style.


1. Why did you decide to start a blog?
I've always spent a lot of time looking at clothes and accessories on the internet every day, and before I started WR2BAM I would find myself writing about what I liked and wanted in my personal LiveJournal pretty regularly. I realized that the majority of my friends probably weren't interested in reading about what shoes I was lusting after on any given day, so I decided to start a separate blog where I could write about that kind of thing without anyone getting sick of me. As I was looking at other fashion sites for inspiration, I found that there weren't a lot of blogs dealing with style for people who can't afford the Chloé and the Proenza and the Gucci, but who still want to take cues from current fashions and look fabulous. Since I consider myself something of a whiz at finding a bargain, I decided I could be the one to fill that niche.

2. What do you like to do when you're not blogging?
I live in Long Beach, (California), a city that I really love, and from a local's perspective there's just so much fun stuff here -- from great dive bars to great vintage stores to great neighborhoods that are perfect for just wandering around. It's also just a stone's throw from L.A., and I love going to the museums there and shopping on Melrose. I'm also an unashamed force to be reckoned with at karaoke, and I love reading -- I try to get through a book a week. Mainly, though, I'm blessed with a funny, cute boyfriend and an amazing, well-dressed pack of friends, so I spend most of my time just kicking around with them.

3. Your blog features a lot of fresh and engaging graphics, photography, and shopping information. How much time do you devote to research and preparation of blog material?
I'd say I probably work on my blog for three or four cumulative hours every weekday (if you don't count all the time I spend just thinking about it). I'm a receptionist, so I'm chained to a desk every weekday for eight hours with not much to do, which gives me a lot of time for my blog. I have Photoshop (which I use for all my graphics) and a fast internet connection on my office computer, so it's easy and helps the day go by. I handle all of my work tasks first, obviously, but most of my free time in the office goes toward WR2BAM.

4. What are the most challenging and rewarding aspects of being a fashion blogger?
I'd say my experiences have been 99% rewarding and 1% challenging. I love getting feedback from readers about my posts, and every aspect of putting my articles together -- from finding the pieces to creating the graphics in Photoshop to the actual writing -- is really fun for me. It just feels good to have something to point to and say "I did this." I would maintain WR2BAM if no one read it at all -- in fact, I'm pretty sure for the first couple of months that was the case! The only real "challenge" that I've faced since starting this blog is receiving some pretty harsh anonymous comments via e-mail regarding a picture I posted of myself in a vintage bikini I won on
Ebay. My only intent with the photo was to showcase the swimsuit, but instead I was faced with some really rude and surprising comments about my body. It was disheartening to see that people have been conditioned to think that a size 6 is fat, not to mention that they would be so unnecessarily hurtful to strangers on the internet for this reason, and it made me second-guess putting so many pictures of myself online. Ultimately, though, it just made me more determined to fight the concept that only girls who wear a size zero can represent what's fashionable.

5. How would you describe your style, and who or what inspires your style?
I feel like I'm something of a fashion chameleon -- there's some disparity between my work outfits (which are mainly what I post on WR2BAM) and my off-the-clock style. Sometimes when I look at all my daily outfit photos as a whole, it's difficult to identify any cohesiveness, so it's hard for to give my style a blanket description. However, I draw inspiration from just about everything. My work wardrobe is probably most influenced by '60s mod style, and I also like outfits that give a wink and nod to the stereotypical secretary look. Off the clock (or what I like to call "in real life"), I'm heavily inspired by all facets of the 1970s: from the glammy "Boogie Nights" disco side to the stonery, sleazy rock 'n roll side to the folksy hippie side. I love anything that has a Native American, country-western, or cowboy feel, which may stem from growing up in Northern Arizona near the Navajo reservation. When I was younger, I was really into punk rock, so I feel like that still influences my style too. My personal style icons run the gamut, but here are a few: Bon Scott of AC/DC (my blog is actually named after an AC/DC song), my mom in the '70s, Cyrinda Foxe, Mia Farrow in Rosemary's Baby, Ted Nugent, Joni Mitchell, bands like Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, Goldie Hawn circa "Laugh-In," Loretta Lynn, and teenage rock 'n roll stoners in movies like Dazed and Confused. Current stars whose style I admire include Michelle Williams, Katie Holmes, Kate Hudson, VV from the Kills, and the Olsen twins. I like anyone who isn't afraid to stray from the pack fashion-wise. And I can't forget my girlfriends -- they always look incredible, and that keeps me on my toes!

6. What are your favorite fashion/style blogs?
I love Fashion Binge (
http://fashionbinge.blogspot.com), Fashion Addict (http://fashionaddictgirl.blogspot.com), Hot Off The Sales Rack (http://salesrack.blogspot.com), and, clearly, Fashion Trend Guide. I always love looking at Fashion Toast because Rumi's outfits are incredible and the photography is inspiring. I also think Fifi Lapin (http://fifi-lapin.blogspot.com) is adorable -- it's sweet drawings of a little bunny dressed in current runway fashion -- and I can't not mention Sugar Rush (http://sucrerush.blogspot.com) and Wrapped In Pink (http://wrapped-in-pink.blogspot.com), who have been with WR2BAM since the very beginning. I consider them my "sister blogs."

7. What are your favorite places to shop?
Anyone who even glances at my blog will know I am a Forever 21 junkie! I also love Loehmann's and Nordstrom Rack (for the deals), H&M, Zara, and Banana Republic (when I can afford it). I'm a huge fan of little mom-and-pop boutiques -- my two favorites in Long Beach are Linne's and Red Apparel -- and I love Ebay. Bloomingdale's is my favorite place to spend two hours without dropping any cash at all.

8. What are your 3 must-have items for fall?
I'm on the hunt for a leather biker-inspired jacket, flat over-the-knee boots, and something involving fur (vintage or faux, natch) -- a vest or some kind of stole that I can arrange around my neck or drape over my shoulders.

9. Is there a fashion or beauty item/product that you cannot live without?
The keys to my style survival are as follows: platform heels, knee-high boots, vintage heavy-metal t-shirts, printed minidresses, black tights, denim jackets, liquid eyeliner, big gold earrings, cardigan sweaters, and lots and lots of hair bleach! Without any of those things I just wouldn't be me.

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