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Monday, August 25, 2008

Moto, Superhero, & Lace

A Sunday morning peek at Forever 21's new website arrivals yielded some encouraging results. I've been patiently scouring thrift stores for a leather motorcycle jacket with no luck. I thought it was only a matter of time before F21 would do their inexpensive version of the biker jacket. I spied a leather version on the site for about $150, and a more affordable knit version for $27.80. Rather than wait for a store near me to get the pieces in, I ordered the knit jacket online. Due to the high density of F21 stores in southern California (it's hard to drive 20 miles without finding one), I've never ordered from their website. Has anyone else? Most of the time I prefer to try the items on, since the fit and tailoring can be unpredictable. My excitement at finding a moto jacket at this low price point must have given me an adrenaline-induced shopping rush, as I spent about an hour browsing F21's different sites - For Love 21, Heritage 81, and Twelve by Twelve. In the end, I ordered these three pieces:


1. - Knit motorcycle jacket, $27.80
2. - Batman T-shirt, $18.90
3. - Lace fingerless gloves - $5.80
Even though we're gearing up for the spring '09 shows, I'm still drawing inspiration from Luella's spring '08 Batman tees and floral skirts. I'm thinking about wearing the Batman tee with my new AA black latex leggings, some lace-up block-heeled boots, and a long cardigan or chunky sweater.
For those that worshipped Madonna as much as I did in the '80s, these lace gloves are a no-brainer. The lace trend is slowly growing on me this fall. With these fingerless gloves, I would add a dark manicure, a simple strapless dress, and some layered chain necklaces for a look that's strong and modern.
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