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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Dear Mrs. Cruise...

boyfriend jeans

While I don't call myself a diehard celebrity style-watcher, I couldn't help but notice the latest denim trend that you helped to ignite. I want to thank you for taking a fashion risk by pegging your jeans. Even though some people may not like it, I can appreciate your effort to do something different with your look (this also includes your edgy new haircut). While pegged boyfriend jeans give a strong nod to the '90s, when I used to fold and roll my ill-fitting jeans to make them shorter, this time around I'm going to embrace it, especially on casual weekends. Since I don't plan on buying the pricey Current/Elliott version made popular by the article in the L.A. Times, (which has some great tips on how to work this look), the affordable $34.99 version from the men's department at Target suits me just fine. Or, even easier on the wallet are the two $5.95 versions of vintage 501 Levi's that I just bought at a local thrift store.

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