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Monday, August 11, 2008


Sometimes the desire to shop at off-price retailers hits and I just can't resist. After all, who doesn't like a great deal? The chosen location for my latest discount shopping excursion was Marshalls, where they have a new in-store boutique called The Cube. Think of The Cube as a trend-driven shop within a shop reminiscent of a typical American department store, but with much better prices. It features a collection of contemporary Juniors fashions, accessories, shoes, and handbags all in one easy-to-shop place.

The Cube has its own look and feel, with bright signage, new display fixtures, mirrors, and a layout that's very easy to shop and navigate. (Although it's hard to tell in the photos, the store I visited was slightly untidy, but that's to be expected on a busy Saturday afternoon.)

With prices up to 60% off what you might pay at malls and department stores, you can afford to splurge on denim, tees, casual shirts, handbags, and accessories. Back-to-school shoppers, take note. I spied: preppy plaid American Eagle headbands, grosgrain belts, Roxy low-rise jeans, a satin halter top for $9.99 from Express, tailored denim vests, tattoo print leggings and tees, boho-inspired printed tunics, chunky fall knits, and an array of handbags at prices less than half a tank of gas.

Pictured above are some casual tops that I gravitated towards that would make great transitional summer-to-fall pieces with some clever layering. Each top cost less than $20. I wish a tank of gas was that affordable!

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