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Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Brand New 'do

asymmetrical hairstyle

This morning when I got dressed in my new latex American Apparel leggings and Batman tee, I must have been feeling like a superhero - bold and brave. My regular visit to the hair salon resulted in this new, shorter, asymmetrical hairstyle. This is the shortest my hair has been since the age of five, when a hairstylist chopped my long locks way too short and I cried for a day. Luckily, no tears this time, only smiles. I liken my new cut to a hybrid of Leigh Lezark, Jenny McCarthy and (as much as I hate to write it) Anna Wintour's hair. I had been contemplating an edgier hairstyle for a few weeks now, and why not? Change is good! It's still warm and humid, and now my blow drying time will be cut in half, allowing me to spend more time doing things I currently neglect, such as maintaining my manicures and doing my eye makeup.

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