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Friday, August 1, 2008

Another Taste Of Chai's GO International Collection For Target - Part 3

Since I'm oddly addicted to trying on the latest GO International pieces from Richard Chai, here is round 3 of my fitting room adventures. I visited the same store, hence the same horrible lighting. This time around, I tried on a few new pieces, but didn't buy anything. I apologize to those who have no interest in Target's GO collections!

First up is the purple and ivory colorblock tie-front dress that I saw featured in Teen Vogue. There were quite a few loose threads hanging around on this one. I disliked the 100% polyester, cheap-feeling, crinkly fabric, but I loved the fit. I found the tie-front detail to be slightly unfinished, as if a bow would look better in the front than a knot. The back of the dress has a low-cut V silhouette, and some foldover lapel-ish styling which reveals the upper back in a subtle and flirtatious way. The front bodice has nice pleating, but the sporty and wrinkled polyester fabric just ruins it for me. I also found the zipper to be hard to get up and down, as it is of poor quality and located in the center back. I would love to see the blue/black version of this. Perhaps it doesn't look as cheap. Overall, I liked the style and the seam/design details and I'd recommend this dress for a girl attending a sweet 16 party, or for young twenty-somethings who want a tailored dress for the office or a lunch date. I give it a thumbs down for fabric and price. I think $44.99 is a bit high given the polyester construction.

Below I'm wearing it tied and untied so you can see how it's made. The tie allows you to make the waist as tight or loose as you want.

The LBD. I certainly have enough in my closet, but that didn't stop me from trying on this 100% polyester black vest dress. With a side zip, it's easy to put on over your head. The buttons on the vest portion didn't actually function, which I thought was odd. I liked the fit, as I tried a size 3, and there was plenty of breathing room. The length was just right, at about knee length. As I didn't see anything about it special enough to warrant the purchase of yet another LBD, I didn't buy it. If I had an event to attend, such as a wedding, this might have been perfect.
The draped rayon tee that I bought in green and reviewed yesterday also comes in black. Tempting, but I decided to hold off on this one. I liked the pleating and seam details near the neckline, and decided to pair it with some other pieces in the collection, including the green shorts and the plaid bermuda shorts.

I'm not a fan of short shorts, but I gave these a try out of curiosity. I liked the color, and went up a size to a 5 so they wouldn't be both short and tight. They run small, and the pockets have scrunching near the bottom, so it adds volume to the thigh area. Probably not something I want to do. The shorts are 98% cotton and 2% spandex, so they'll stretch a little. I think they'd look chic with some of the tank tops in the collection on people who have great legs.

Not that I ever wear bermuda shorts, or plaid shorts for that matter, but these actually look much better on than on the hanger. They're a very fine wale corduroy, and the same plaid pattern as a few other pieces in the collection. I tried a size 3, and they were tighter than I'd like, so I think they run small. Although I didn't buy them, I'm considering them in a size 5. They work well with the draped tee from above. Overall, they are a surprise hit. I definitely give these a thumbs up. I think they're preppy and even a little business-like. Not bad for $26.99. They also come in black, but my store didn't stock them.

I spotted this blue/violet knit hoodie on the racks, and noticed that it wasn't out last night when I first went to Target. I thought it was rather unassuming, but liked the "Richard Chai" logo zipper pull. It's made of 100% cotton, and the upper sleeves on the size extra small were way too tight, which was annoying. That's not something that I encounter with knits, or even with tops in general. My verdict is a thumbs down for fit, and a thumbs up for comfort. Below I'm wearing it with the draped tee and plaid bermudas, and it goes well together.

I admit that I might be a bit obsessed with the collection at this point, but there may actually be a Part 4 to this review if I can find some of the other items I've been waiting for.

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