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Monday, July 21, 2008

Tip Of The Week - July 21

Given my constant shopping behavior, today's tip of the week is about closet organization and is inspired by my bulging closets. Despite never having enough room to store my clothing and accessories, I am an organized soul who, if asked, could potentially find a specific item in my wardrobe in under one minute. (Not bad considering I have 2 closets and five dressers, right?) While it's my dream to have a small walk-in closet, that's not a reality at the moment, so I have to maintain a strict organizational system or else it would take me much too long to get dressed. The system that's always worked for me is to first organize by season. This means rotating things in and out of my main closet based upon how much wear they're going to get during the current or upcoming season. I typically do this twice per year, in October/November and in April/May. Living in southern California (where we supposedly don't have real seasons) means that heavier jackets, thicker scarves, and wool trousers get replaced with skirts, lightweight dresses, and sleeveless tops when warm weather approaches during the spring.

After organizing by season, I take what's in my main closet and then organize by style and then by color. For example, dresses are all hung together, then lightweight jackets, and so on. So if I'm looking for my gray sleeveless tuxedo top, I know exactly where to look. Also, all of my knits stay folded so that they don't retain hanger marks or stretch out. Having my pieces organized this way has saved me a lot of time and helps me keep track of things when I'm getting dressed.