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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Reader Favorites

While soliciting reader opinions on what I should wear is not something I do often on Fashion Trend Guide, I wouldn't mind getting my readers' opinions on which outfits they prefer for an upcoming night on the town. I'm going out this weekend (think hot, crowded, sweaty nightclub) and since I have plenty of time to decide what to wear instead of scrambling to get ready with only a few hours notice, I thought I'd try on a few of my recent buys to see how they look.

In the top row, I'm wearing a very trendy Luella-esque tiered ruffle mini skirt with various tops and belts. In the second row, I'm experimenting with my new American Apparel pencil skirt and in look #5, a revamped skirt made out of a dress from Target's first Private Label GO collection. I like look #4, which consists of a racerback tank tucked into the AA skirt (to make it look like a dress), but I'm thinking about changing the shoes to something that helps to visually elongate the leg. Looks #7 and #9 incorporate neon brights, which are a great option for summer nights, but I'm not sure if I'll feel bold enough to wear them when it comes time to go out...so we'll see. I'm thinking look #7 might be too flashy or borderline tacky with the sequins and neon paired together. Look #8, however, is more sophisticated, and is probably something I'd wear out to dinner or on a date.

The overall look that I'm going for is fun, sleek, and summer-y. What do you like? Feel free to post a comment and tell me your favorites, or suggest a new outifit based on the pieces you see here.

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