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Monday, July 28, 2008

A Look At Target's GO International Private Label Collection 3

Target Go International Private label 3 Please click the image to enlarge.

A quick browse of Target's website revealed that new images of their GO International Private Label Collection 3 are available. (They were posted July 25th, I know, I'm a few days late.) Just as I'm awaiting the arrival of Richard Chai's designs, Target keeps the ball rolling with yet another Go collection. I imagine this one is to hold us over until Jonathan Saunders debuts his creations this fall. After having a peek at the lookbook's 13 images, I'm not especially excited about most of the looks, but I'm curious to try on the floral dress and yellow vest from look 2, the printed skirt from look 5, and the bib dress from look 6. Having never been a big fan of herringbone or the color orange, these looks don't appeal to me as much as the florals from their last Private Label collection or the animal prints from Rogan's collection. In spite of my lack of enthusiasm for the garments, I do think this collection's lookbook has more editorial appeal than previous ones because of the colored tights, layering, and chic footwear. I'll have to inspect the goods for myself and try them on to form a final opinion, so expect another "fitting room frenzy" and review when the collection is released. Until then, I'm awaiting Richard Chai's grandpa cardigans, vests, and skinny pants.
**July 31, 2008 update - The more I look at this collection, the more I'm reminded of the Fall '08 Marc by Marc Jacobs collection.
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