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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Betty B. Brings The Beach To Downtown Ventura's Retail Scene

When you think of the stereotypical southern California lifestyle, sun, surf, and laid-back style may come to mind. Ventura (a quiet beach town north of Los Angeles) is certainly no exception. With its famous surf spots, its up-and-coming downtown cultural area, and sunny yet mild weather, Ventura is asserting itself as a place to find great dining options, art galleries, live music venues, fun outdoor activities, and stylish independent boutiques. Local accessories designer, surfer, and owner of Betty B. and the Betty Belts line of accessories, Donna von Hoesslin, is part of the changing face of Ventura's downtown retail scene. Her quaint shop on the corner of Main and Fir (which has been open since last August) serves as the headquarters for her unique and eco-friendly line of affordable surf-inspired belts, necklaces, earrings, beaded totes, lamps, and silk sarongs. She uses materials such as wood, coconut, mother of pearl, recycled glass, and sterling silver in her designs. When you buy her products, you can feel satisfied knowing that they are made by local designers as well as artisans in Bali using fair labor practices and sustainable materials. I recently dropped by her small but well-merchandised boutique to check out her unique creations. Below on the left, Donna poses with some of her jewelry. Below on the right is a selection of her colorful belts with various beaded and shell designs.

Betty B. belts

Below, warm colors, surf photography, and beach-inspired accessories create a welcoming atmosphere at Betty B.

Betty B. belts Below, some Betty B. belts in hues that evoke the ocean.

Betty B. belts
Betty B. belts
Betty B. belts Pictured above are some of my favorite picks from the line and coincidentally, some of Donna's bestsellers. To see more items and get more information, check out the website and the blog. Betty B. is located at 12 North Fir Street in downtown Ventura, CA and is open daily from 12 to 6, except Mondays.

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