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Friday, June 27, 2008

More Fitting Room Adventures - Part 2 Of Target's GO International Private Label Collection 2

So here's another round of my thoughts on GO International's latest designs. I went to another Target store tonight, and although it's still not June 29 (the official release date), the collection was out. They had a better selection with different items than the Target that I visited on Wednesday. I gravitated toward the two interesting tees that I saw first, as I was pleasantly surprised by their artsy floral prints.

Target Go International Private Label The first tee, pictured above, is made of 58% cotton and 42% modal, which makes it soft and stretchy. It has nice piping detail around the neckline, hemline, and sleeves, and diagonal colorblocked pieces of fabric sewn together with sporty overlock stitching in white thread. Although I'm not crazy about the peach/coral colors, I was sold on the gray floral pattern, the black accents, and the two-tone waist tie. With regards to the fit, it runs big and has roomy cap sleeves. Overall, it's a lot of detail for a $17.99 tee and not only do I give it a thumbs up, I bought it in an extra small.

Target Go International Private label

The next tee is the graphic tee for $17.99 that the preview photos showed layered under another top. What a shame to hide the pretty watercolor floral design of this top! Like the previous tee, this one is also made of 58% cotton and 42% modal, making it stretchy and giving it a smooth hand. I adore the soft green and gray brush strokes. Details on this top include a banded hemline and diagonal overlock stitching across the front. The fit is big in the bust area and much smaller in the hip area. On this one, I sized up to a small, and it's still more fitted in the hip than I'd prefer. My verdict on this is a thumbs up, but there is room for improvement on the fit.

Target Go International Private Label Up next was the one-shoulder top in fuchsia. It also comes in black, and sells for $22.99. I tried on the small, and the fit was fine, with a bit of extra room under the armpit. It's made of 100% cotton, the neckline has a snap closure, and the top has button closures up the front. The ruffles on the shoulder are slightly smaller than on the other side, which I didn't like. Due to its long length, I think this top looks best when tucked in. I also think this top would have worked better as a knit than as a woven. To me, there's something slightly off about a woven one-shoulder top. Overall, I thought it was a nice effort on behalf of Target, and I didn't buy it although I'm contemplating purchasing the black one in an extra small, although I have no idea what I'd wear with it.

Target Go International Private Label Even though I had my doubts about this cotton romper dress for $34.99, I liked the way it fit and felt when I tried it on. It was very comfortable. The drop-waist silhouette wasn't the most flattering, and since I already have 3 pieces with this same floral print, I decided to pass on buying it. What I liked was the adjustable straps and the not-too-short but not-too-long length of the dress. What I didn't like was the lack of design detail on the bodice and shoulder area - it was too plain, and the straps were too thin. I conclude that it's best suited for a teenager or someone who looks young enough to pull it off.

This striped dress for $29.99 pleasantly surprised me at first glance with its flattering vertical stripes and sexy T-back. After a quick evaluation in the mirror, I thought it was too low cut in the front, and the stripes reminded me of a hospital candy striper. Target descibes it as orange/cream, but it's more like red/cream. I liked the striped buttons, the high banded waistline (which was not stretchy), and the bit of elastic in the back for better fit. Overall, not my cup of tea, so I didn't buy it. If it had been done in a polka dot with a different neckline, and in blue/gray, I probably would have bought it.

When I saw this cotton ruffled navy dress in the preview photos, I thought it looked a little plain, and the ruffles reminded me of the Temperly for Target dresses. I grabbed a size 3 and tried it on just for fun. As I evaluated it in the mirror, I loved the way it was fitted in the waist and flared out elegantly in the hip area. The bottom half is lined and has nice pleats to give it volume. The top half, however, is slightly sheer and has a pleated collar. The buttons aren't sewn on very well, but they are shaped like small flowers, which is a cute detail. For me, this is the surprise hit of the collection. I award it a thumbs up for fit (I just love the feminine silhouette) and price (it's a steal at $29.99). Paired with some fun accessories, it looks even better.

From what I've seen in the two Targets I've visited this week, my second favorite piece in the collection is the criss cross floral top. I found the extra small that I needed and smiled with delight. Since the top is long, it can be worn tucked in or out. I realized that the straps are adjustable because they can be retied by loosenig the knots in the front. Like I wrote in my Wednesday review, the cowl neck is a bit awkward because there isn't enough fabric for it to drape properly. (The shirt can get dangerously low cut if it's made to drape a lot.) At $24.99, it's a bit pricier than the tees, but it looks much more expensive, as it's made of polyester and has a shiny satin finish. There is no side zip on this top, but it runs big, and fits easily over the head. In the 3 photos above, I'm wearing it 3 different ways. I plan to wear this top a lot this summer, and with a little layering, I think it will transition well into fall.

As I browsed some of the other pieces in the collection, I checked out the bikinis, which looked like they ran really small, with the bottoms being very low rise with minimal booty coverage. I inspected the black drop-waist dress with ruffles which I thought felt cheap, as it was made of modal and too flimsy for my taste. The pieces which I'm most anticipating seeing in person are the tiered ruffled dress, top, and mini. I didn't see the linen pants or shorts, or the coral jacket. As of today (Friday), the racks were relatively untouched, but I'm expecting this collection to sell better than the last Private Label collection. This time around, the colors aren't as bold, the silhouettes are more appealing to the masses, and the prints are very summery.