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Friday, May 23, 2008

Rogan For Target T-shirt dress - 3 Ways

Although today is a bit gloomy and cool for the end of May, there was a ray of sunshine at my doorstep. It came in the form of two Rogan for Target items that I ordered online - the yellow leopard burnout tank top and the gray T-shirt dress. I played around with the t-shirt dress and found out that with some creative layering, it's quite versatile and I expect to be wearing it a lot this summer. It layers well with many other pieces in the Rogan for Target line, as many of them are transparent and lightweight.

In the photo above I paired the tank on top of the dress and the leopard print looks nice against the gray. Then I added my favorite accessories to give the outfit my personal touch - a fringed scarf and a metallic belt.

In the second photo I experimented with the slightly transparent and flimsy leopard print dress, which ended up working well over the T-shirt dress. The sleeves and rounded hem of the T-shirt dress peek out from the leopard dress in a flirty way and the vest makes the outfit more polished.

Since I was already wearing my Erin Fetherston for Target bunny print thermal pants with gray boots, I put the T-shirt dress on over it, added my new corset belt, and finished the look off with my rainbow necklace from John Cook in Argentina.

I'm curious as to my readers' opinions on the Rogan line? What did you like/dislike? What did you buy?

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