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Monday, May 5, 2008

My Desigual WTF Pants

While shopping at various boutiques in Buenos Aires, I noticed an interesting style of pants that I have not yet seen being sold or worn in the U.S. I'm not quite sure what to call them, perhaps they're drop-crotch pants, rabbit-fit pants, harem pants, or Hammer pants. I know that they will not appeal to most people, and that's why I was drawn to them. They are made of stretchy jersey fabric, have banded hems on the legs, and a thick waistband that can be worn folded over if desired. When I saw them the first time, I was intrigued; I wasn't sure if I liked them or disliked them. As I browsed the racks at Desigual on the last day of my trip, I saw a pair for about $30USD and on a whim, decided to buy them. A couple of days later, when I got home and began to unpack, I spent some time experimenting with these strange pants. I discovered that they could be worn various ways and are extremely comfortable. They're actually much more flattering than they appear on the rack. In fact, if I could rewind time, I'd ask the sales girl at the store for advice and ideas as to how they're supposed to be worn, and perhaps I'd even buy another pair in a different color.

harem pants
On the left, I'm wearing them in the most obvious way intended - as drop-crotch pants. Then, for the second photo, I pulled up the waistband, folded it over, and styled it as a loose-fitting jumpsuit. To make it look like a skirt for the third photo, I pulled up the banded hems to above the knee, folded the waistband over at my waist, and let the fabric drape so it looks like a bubble skirt. In the last photo I pulled the waistband higher, folded it over, and kept the skirt-like draping to make it look like a strapless dress. A belt gives the garment a more fitted shape whichever way it's styled. It's hard to believe that one piece can have so many different looks!
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