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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

MJ and Mustard

Mustard yellow - like olive green, turquoise, or orange-red, it's one of those colors that I've never really liked because it does not flatter me. So I normally avoid buying certain garments with colors or prints that don't complement my personal coloring. With the frequent visits that I make to various Forever 21 stores, I came upon this mustard tunic with denim trim, pictured below in the center. My first thought was, oh, I like the 1960s silhouette, but I'm not crazy about the color. Having seen a similar yellow version on the MARC by Marc Jacobs SS '08 runway, I started liking the Forever 21 tunic even more. By the time I went to my closest Forever 21 store to look for it, it had sold out. Lucky for me, as I walked into Reference (which is operated by Forever 21) this past weekend in Santa Barbara, there it was, front and center, and it was on sale. With the exception of its darker color and oversized buttons, it's a dead ringer for MJ's creation. The tunic's denim trim almost makes up for the unflattering mustard color, as it will benefit me greatly to have the blue color near my face. Unfortunately, it's too short to wear alone as a dress, so I added a tiny bit of length by pairing a denim mini underneath.

mustard tunic
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