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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Recent Buys at Westfield Topanga

My recent trip to Westfield Topanga did not leave me empty-handed. In fact, I ended up hauling away quite a large amount of clothing that day. For the sake of my conscience, let's just say that I'm doing my part to stimulate the staggering U.S. economy. Here's some of what I bought:

Above: satin top from Charlotte Russe, pleated cropped pants from H&M, and handbag from Aldo Accessories

Vest and baggy paper bag waist pants from H&M

Floral chiffon top and lace skirt with petticoat from F21. (Apple belt from alloy.com.)

Strapless crochet dress with bubble hem from Charlotte Russe. (I won't wear these gold boots next time I wear the dress, as they visually shorten my legs.) I think it will be fun to layer tights or a striped top under the dress for cooler nights.

Prairie-style floral dress from Nordstrom. The apron silhouette is flattering but somehow reminds me of Little House On The Prairie.