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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

More of Target's GO International Private Label

Another trip to my nearest Target has revealed that more pieces from the GO International Private Label collection are slowly trickling in. The gray and yellow strapless dress that I bought was sold out, as was the Grecian pink and gray dress. The ombre top, however, was still lingering on the nearly empty racks. I spotted three new pieces - the blue printed dress below and a ruffled rayon top that came in either bright orange or medium gray. I grabbed two pieces, both in sizes extra small and headed off to the fitting rooms. By now, the fitting room attendant probably thinks I'm crazy because she sees me about twice per week!

Go International Private Label
Go International Private Label I loved the colors and the print of this dress, but the fit was ridiculously large, almost like a hospital gown. The sleeves were oversized and the neckline was almost a boatneck shape. I agree with my fellow blogger Eeps that the sizing on this piece is just too big. What I did like is that the dress had pockets on the side seams. It was 100% polyester, but it did not feel cheap or flimsy. I liked the pleating detail around the neckline (see the close-up photo below). In the end, I didn't buy it because I didn't like the silhouette. If it were sleeveless, had more construction details, or were more form-fitting, I probably would not have hesitated to buy it.

Go International Private Label
Next up was this 100% rayon top which also came in gray. I never wear orange (let alone bright orange), as it simply does not flatter my coloring, however, I decided to give it a try just to see how it looked.

Go International Private LabelThe fit was OK, but there was a bit too much draping near the banded waistline. I liked the double ruffles at the scooped neckline, but I didn't buy it because it didn't appeal to me in a unique way.

Go International Private Label Close-up of the ruffles.

Go International Private LabelSince the collection is supposed to launch this Sunday the 13th, I'm planning on going back to a Target or two to inspect the black jumpsuit and the neon pink/gray dress, and perhaps a few more pieces if they're available.
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