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Saturday, April 12, 2008

More GO International Private Label Escapades at Target - Part 3

I was overjoyed to see that the two Target stores I visited today already had the GO International Private Label collection out a day early. I've seen a few pieces trickling in here and there (see my previous posts on April 8th and April 3rd for more), but today the majority of the collection was on display at both of the stores I went to. In general, I was impressed with the design details, the usage of trend-forward colors (gray, bright yellow, neon pink, etc.), and the sporty accents such as racerback and T-back silhouettes on the dresses and tunics as well as on-seam pockets on all of the skirts and dresses. At the second store I visited, it looked like the whole collection was out, and I kid you not, I jumped up and down when I saw the black satin jumpsuit. It's the piece I was most anxiously awaiting. I'm sure that some guy shopping with his girlfriend thought I was crazy when I jumped up 3 times and quietly exclaimed, "Target, Target!"

I chose my favorite pieces from both stores did a little photoshoot.

Go International Private labelFirst I tried on these high-waist shorts pictured above. The inseam was too short for my taste, but I liked the blue accent belt and the subtle pleats. These crisp shorts would be easy to dress up with some Mary Janes, a ruffled top, and a tailored vest. (I also tried on the high-waist pants, but didn't post the photo, as they were way too long for me.)

Go International Private LabelMy second favorite piece in the collection is this gray and neon pink racerback dress. It is 100% polyester and it looks much shinier and vinyl-ish than it does in person, due to the flash of my camera. It runs large on top and small on the bottom and has two pockets in the front. On the left, I've paired it with a great woven belt, also from Target.

Go International Private Label I tried on this playful jumper dress which is navy blue with neon pink trim and pockets. It also comes in an artsy white/yellow/gray pattern, (pictured fifth from the bottom), which I bought. It's pretty shapeless, so I'd pair it with a belt or something else to define the waist. It is 100% cotton (and quite thick), with a side zipper and two front pockets.

Go International Private labelI thought this V-neck dress looked interesting, but the neckline is simply not my style. Like the other dresses, it had pockets and pleating details that I liked.

Go International Private Label I was drawn to this paper bag waist skirt, which also comes in silver. It was crinkly satin and had a nice fabric tie around the waist. I did not buy it because it made my hips look larger due to the pleating at the waist.

Go International Private LabelI admit that I was stumped when I picked up this oversized vest in a dark shimmery gray hue. I'd probably wear it with leggings or skinnies, as I honestly wouldn't know what else to pair it with. The back was made of black satin with an adjustable tab for a more tailored look. What I did not like was that the back was shorter than the front. In any case, I thought it was an interesting piece but I didn't buy it.

Go International Private LabelAhhh, in my opinion, here is the masterpiece of the collection. I've been a fan of the onesie/jumpsuit/playsuit/romper ever since childhood. This one is done in black satin with a collarless neckline and snap closures. It has a tie around the waist so it can be worn blouson-style or draped loose and baggy. It has patch pockets on the chest and thighs as well as banded hems on the legs. It's such a trendy, playful piece which looks like it cost much more than the $44.99 that I paid for it. I can't wait to wear it.

Go International Private LabelWhen I tried on the Star Trek-ish shift dress above, I did not know what to think. There are several pieces in the collection made of this dark shimmery gray fabric, and this one was a little too space-age-y. It had a thick, exposed sporty zipper up the front which I've seen used on some of the other pieces. Not surprisingly, I decided to pass on this one.

Above is the jumper dress which also comes in navy blue with neon pink trim and pockets (pictured above third from the top). After some consideration, I may return it as it looked better in the fitting room than when I got home and tried it on. We'll see..
Another piece that I really liked is this black and white patterned racerback dress. It's exactly the same silhouette as the gray and neon pink dress in the second picture from the top. (Same sewing pattern, different textile pattern.) I'm also excited about wearing this with some colorful accessories. It's such a fun, trendy print.

The top pictured above was also a little Star Trek-ish to me. The flaps on the chest area seemed a little severe/oddly placed, but I liked the buttons on the shoulder and the 3/4-length sleeves. It was made of 100% cotton, and I noticed that while I was putting it on, it became quickly and noticeably wrinkled, as if it were made of linen. I didn't buy this one.

I was pleasantly surprised to see an artsy floral tee in the collection, as I didn't see it in the Target image album. At $16.99, I couldn't pass it up. It's 100% cotton, has a faded effect on the background, and will make a great layering piece for spring and fall.

Then there was this asymmetrical tunic with the same floral pattern. It was a pretty grayish green color with exaggerated batwing sleeves and a tapered hemline. I appreciate what the Target designers were trying to do here, but I passed on it because I typically like to show my arms and waist. It was a bit clingy and stretchy, so I suppose it could be worn different ways.

In addition to the pieces pictured above, there was a tremendous selection of basics such as: tunics, tees, metallic triangle bikinis, and swimsuit cover-ups. Of particular note was a cowl-neck tee made of the same black and white pattern as the dress pictured fourth from the bottom. It also came in a peach/gray colorblock pattern to coordinate with many other pieces in the collection. Recurring hues included: light peach, medium gray, bright yellow, neon pink, electric blue, and black. The sporty details such as pockets, exposed zippers, and bursts of bold color remind me of recent editorials I've seen in Elle, so I was pleasantly surprised by Target's gutsy decision to make the Private Label more edgy than past GO International collections. With competition from so many cheap chic/mass market designer collaborations, Target's team is being kept on their toes.
Has anyone else seen the collection/bought pieces/have opinions about it? I'd love to know what everyone else thinks.
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