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Monday, April 14, 2008

Have Clothes, Will Travel

Being the clothing-obsessed person that I am, I rarely have what I like to call a "wardrobe crisis." I always enjoy getting dressed, and I rely upon my mood to guide my clothing decisions. For me, the occasional "wardrobe crisis" will occur when I'm getting ready to go out at night and I feel pressured to put on something that's stylish and sexy without being provocative or skimpy. I put a lot of pressure on myself to come up with a fantastic ensemble and then the "wardrobe crisis" hits. I rummage through my well-organized (yet overstuffed) closet and mumble that I either don't know what to wear or I'm lacking the inspiration to put a look together. This often happens when I'm pressed for time and feeling rushed. I have found that I put my best looks together when I pair random things and don't give it too much thought. I rely upon my instincts to tell me if something looks acceptable to me.

With a trip to Buenos Aires right around the corner, I'm going to enlist the help of my readers with my current "wardrobe crisis" in choosing a nightlife outfit (or two or three) for me. From what I've read, Buenos Aires has an amazing nightlife scene. It's also said to be a very fashionable city, something along the lines of the "Paris of South America." With this in mind, I feel extra pressure to bring some great ensembles on my trip.

I took the time to play dress-up last night with some of my newest purchases and I welcome any kind comments as to which outfits are your favorites.