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Friday, April 18, 2008

Foot Candy Never Tasted So Good

lace up peep toe boots
My Balenciaga-inspired boot-sandals from GoJane have arrived and when I saw the UPS truck pull up, I couldn't wait to try them on. (I adore expedited shipping! I ordered them late Wednesday night and they arrived Friday afternoon.) Much to my surprise, they're comfortable and quite walkable. This is probably due to the 3/4" platform and the adequate arch support. My hunch about them being unbearably uncomfortable was wrong. Now I'm seriously considering ordering them in black, as they'll work well with tights, jeans, dresses, or cropped trousers. They'll stand up to the true test of my footwear when I wear them on the dance floor this weekend.
**Update - I wore these boots out tonight tucked into some skinnies with my Prada-esque two-toned socks from H&M and within several minutes three (older!?) women complimented me on them! One of these women was very fashion-forward and struck up a quick conversation with me about them. She could not believe that they weren't leather, and I was surprised to hear that she was familiar with GoJane. We agreed that there's something about the platform and the angle of the shoes that makes them more comfortable than wearing flats. I've always had trouble with flats being uncomfortable and slipping off the back of my feet, and accordingly, I prefer heels. When I want to be super comfortable, though, I rely upon my trusty Nike Shox.