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Monday, March 31, 2008

"Subturban" Chic

After seeing a turban featured in the spring ads for Kohl's Simply Vera line, I decided I must have one. Never mind that I bought one almost a year ago when I was at H&M in London, when the trend was at its peak. We're a little behind on the trend curve here in the U.S., and I still haven't seen anyone (except myself) rockin' the trend here in my area of southern California. Turbans are a great alternative to the berets made so popular by celebs, emo girls, and just about every other girl on the street these days. I don't have anything against berets, but for some reason, when a trend such as this becomes ubiquitous, it loses its appeal to me. While I follow trends all the time, sometimes I just don't want to look like a carbon copy of any old girl you could find walking down the street. For now, I'll stash away the 4 berets I bought last season until the next windy/rainy/bad hair day. In an effort to revive Prada's spring '07 turbans, I'm going to seek out Vera Wang's $21 version at a local Kohl's store and wear it with pride...even if it's a little late.

Simply Vera Vera Wang Kohl's turban Leave your comments, what do you think of turbans vs. berets?

Photo credit: kohls.com