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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

My Rave About Rave

When my girlfriends and I decided to go out this past Saturday night, I knew I wanted to wear something different, something more dressy than the usual fitted top and skinny jeans. My good friend E.S. showed up at my door wearing a super sexy animal print dress. While I'm not usually one to copy someone's style so directly, I had to ask her where the dress was from. When she replied, "I got it at Rave," I raised my eyebrows in surprise. Rave is a store that I used to shop at when I was a teen committing many fashion crimes. I vividly recall their poorly knitted sweaters which used to unravel as soon as I removed the tags. As I got older, I geared my cheap chic mall shopping efforts away from Rave and more towards Forever 21 because I didn't think of Rave as a very trend-forward place to shop. So being the continuous shopper that I am, I rushed over to Rave the next night to seek out the dress. For some reason that I'll never understand, the dress was merchandised in the worst possible place - on a sideways facing rack on the lower back wall of the store, where few shoppers would ever see it. Luckily and not surprisingly, they had plenty of sizes to choose from. While I bought a small, I could have fit into an extra small just as well. After hemming the skirt about 3 inches to a more flattering knee length, this is what it looks like when styled with a beaded necklace, my favorite apple belt, and some gold pumps. The A-line silhouette makes it less overtly sexy than a body-con dress, and the belt that I added gives the waist a more fitted shape. The dress has faux buttons down the front, a padded bra, adjustable straps, lace trim on the top, a side zip, and a ribbon tie belt (which I replaced). All that for only $16.90!

Rave leopard dress