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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Ventura's New Target...And More Jovovich-Hawk Fitting Room Escapades

Upon reading in an online news article that the Target in the Pacific View Mall in Ventura had its soft opening yesterday (and seeing the fireworks they set off), I decided to give them a call to verify if they were open to the public prior to their Sunday, March 9th grand opening. When I heard the "yes" response, I dashed over to check out the new two-story store on the north end of the mall. It was so clean and empty, it had to be one of my best Target shopping trips ever. Most of the shoppers I observed seemed excited about the sheer size of the store. I noticed that there was not a lot of foot traffic to or from mall shoppers who wandered in and out of Target. That leads me to believe that most of the people went specifically to Target as opposed to just being at the mall and seeing that the Target was open. Perhaps this will change and the mall will see increased traffic as a result of the new store? Later on in my explorations, I saw two teen boys on the second floor who were amazed by the cart conveyor/escalator and were attempting to send empty carts down it just for fun. Why is this such a novelty? I've seen this at other Targets before!
Although I did not buy anything (gasp), I checked out their selection of Jovovich-Hawk apparel. That's the main reason why I went. I was hoping they'd have the best selection of all. They had less than the Ventura store on nearby Main St., but more than the Camarillo, Newbury Park, and Simi Valley stores. (The Moorpark store is not carrying the line at all.) I was mostly looking for the star print vest and tunic, which they didn't have. Oh well, the large grocery and freezer section made up for the disappointing J-H selection. Now, if they would only stock organic produce!

As far as features, this Target had a Pizza Hut near the checkout on the first floor, an express 10 items or less checkout on the 2nd floor, a decent shoe section, and the cleanest (virginal) fitting rooms I've ever seen. No gum stains, broken door locks, and scratched mirrors like many other Target stores. I hope this lasts.

Besides the extra traffic that this Target may generate around Mills Rd. and Telegraph Rd., my only concern is the stray shopping carts that have started to wander into the mall's parking structure. I wonder if the mall has taken this into consideration and whether Target employees will venture into the structure to retrieve carts.

Target Ventura

Side view of the new Target with the hills in the background

Target Ventura Stray carts like this one may deter Pacific View Mall shoppers from parking in the structure.

Jovovich Hawk for Target I tried on the floral blouse from the J-H ad in an extra small. I liked it, but I did not like that it was transparent
Jovovich Hawk for TargetHere is the J-H linen vest layered over the floral blouse. I was impressed by the fit of the vest, it had decent tailoring.

By coincidence, today I received a coupon from Target in the mail for $5 off any purchase of $25 or more. No need to wait until March 9th, THEY ARE ALREADY OPEN!