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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Winter Window Shopping in Ventura

I've got more store window photos, this time on Main Street in downtown Ventura. The weather was pleasant and warm today considering we're in the midst of winter. On a nice day like today I certainly do not envy those who are shivering on the streets of cold cities around the world. Great fashion + mild weather makes for a very grateful and content southern California fashion blogger!

Camouflage Ventura
The display at Camouflage pictured above includes colorful and crafty lamp shades to add interest and fill in the tall window space. At the store, I bought a great lightweight purple bomber jacket that's reminiscent of a Members Only jacket and a kelly green cardigan that will work well with layers on cool spring days. The prices at Camouflage are so good that you may be tempted to splurge on a whole new outfit. I noticed an abundance of flowy knee-length knit dresses, white Mexican-inspired square-neck tunics, colorful wide belts, and chunky knit hats.

California & Main is the place to go in Ventura for a fancy dress, and by the looks of the dresses on display, it seems like Valentine's Day is in the air.

Wild Planet on Main St. has a wide range of novelty items including graphic T-shirts, kitschy handbags, smoking accessories (ahem, ahem), funky shoes, and concert posters. The photo above and all of the photos below are from Wild Planet's window display. With its cheerful, bold orange backdrop, I can always count on Wild Planet's windows to catch my attention and inspire me.