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Monday, February 11, 2008

What's Old Is New

If you've shopped at Old Navy recently, then you've no doubt noticed a heavy presentation of safari inspired apparel and accessories in the Women's department. Last week while I was shopping at the flagship location in San Francisco, I was impressed by the selection of sizes and colors in the zebra print cardigan that was positioned front and center in the massive multi-level store. Tan with light brown, tan with medium brown, or tan with burgundy...hmmm...tough choices for an animal print lover like myself. After much contemplation, I finally went with the lightest one, taking into account my own light skin, hair, and eye coloring.

With Todd Oldham as the new creative director of Old Navy, there are trend driven collections launching each month. Perhaps they are feeling the pressure from designer mass market collections at Target, Kohl's, JC Penney, and H&M. Old Navy's current collection has an "Urban Explorer" theme, which strongly reminds me of the very recent world market/global traveler runway collections of Spring '05. When assembling your safari look, don't forget to add a lightweight scarf for that "I'm on the go, but I still look pulled together" look. With their large selection of scarves this season, Old Navy probably has one to suit almost anybody.

animal print sweater

I've paired my new zebra print Old Navy cardigan with a Victorian/skull print Libertine for Target tank top that I scored on ebay.

striped socks As I was exiting the restroom on the second floor of the Old Navy flagship, the printed socks in the Men's department practically called out to me for attention. I simply could not resist. I bought these blue and green striped pairs and decided to layer them just for fun.