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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Summer Fun

summer style
My newest dELiA*s catalog has just arrived and that means good news as well as bad news. Good news for my closet, bad news for my wallet. There are quite a few things in the catalog that I can't wait to get my hands on. I've put together the perfect sporty summer outfit for a walk along the beach or lounging at a casual backyard BBQ.
During my upcoming trip to Texas, I hope to visit a dELiA*s store in person for the first time, as we are sorely deprived of dELiA*s here in southern California. I'm wondering if the selection of merchandise in the stores is better than the catalogs? Or, like Victoria's Secret, do the catalogs carry a wider selection than the brick and mortar stores? At any rate, I'm very excited to see what the Texas shopping scene has to offer.
Pictured above:
1. Stylin' necklace (brunette), $12.50
2. Corey sunglasses, $9.50
3. Paris life tee, $24.50
4. Perry low-rise gingham shorts, $29.50
5. Mel canvas and mesh wedges, $49
6. 100% recycled tote, $19.50