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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Shopping Recap

In the past week, I must admit that I've done my fair share of traveling and shopping. Sometimes it's hard to remember what I saw where. I've shopped in San Francisco, Ventura, and Pasadena. In my travels, I found a few things I was looking for and also a few unexpectedly stylish items.

While shopping in San Francisco, my friend S.R. and I came across a tissue-thin T-shirt at FCUK with lips printed on it in various colors. I fell in love, but at $48, I decided to wait and find a less pricey version elsewhere. My patience paid off, because I spied the lip print T-shirt pictured above in a window display at the Vans store in Pasadena. Admittedly, I haven't shopped at Vans since I was about 12, so I was pleasantly surprised to find this gem of a T-shirt there for $22. I also saw a similar T-shirt at Urban Outfitters in Simi Valley for $28, but this style had neon pink lips and a V neckline. The polka dot jacket in the photo was a score for $10 on sale at H&M. I recall photographing an H&M window display in San Francisco in late December with this jacket. I guess it went on sale because nobody liked it?

I'm not entirely sure why I bought this collar and cuff set from F21's Twelve by Twelve line...perhaps it was the box and the streamlined packaging. As I contemplated how to wear these items, an obvious idea hit me. I could just put them on with a tuxedo jacket, some slim dark jeans and metallic heels for a great evening look. Just so long as I don't take off the jacket!

With my discovery of Cheap Mondays many months ago, I now refuse to pay exorbitant prices for "designer" denim. Thanks to good old Urban Outfitters, I've got five pairs of Cheap Mondays already. I picked up this pair pictured above on sale in the Men's department at Urban in Pasadena for only $19.99!!!! I think that lighter wash denim may make a resurgence this spring, so I'll be right on trend.

When I saw this ruffled pillow at a vintage home furnishings store in Ventura, I was inspired to buy it and turn it into something else. My goal is to add a chain strap and fashion myself a dainty new handbag. Wish me luck!
It's no secret that I'm an addict of Forever 21's inexpensive and trend-driven apparel. Both the pink chiffon top and leopard print cardigan pictured above are from my favorite Los Angeles-based retailer of fast fashion.

Valentine's day advertising and brainwashing must have taken its toll on my psyche beacause I could not resist the charm of this romantic frilly bra. It's from the Twelve by Twelve line at F21, and at $9, it's a sexy, guilt-free indulgence. I plan to wear it under a slightly sheer romantic top for a hint of allure.

Oversized clutches are one of my favorite accessories of the season. This one appears to be straight out of 1978, and its neutral colors will make it a versatile piece in my wardrobe.
Flat boots are another one of my favorite accessories, and I decided to try out F21's pair, as they look roomy enough to tuck my jeans into and they have great pleating detail.

After many seasons, metallics are still going strong. This metallic bag from H&M features patchwork, which gives it a retro vibe, while the colors keep it modern.

Although the high-waisted trend hasn't taken off to the extent that I thought it would, I bought this pair from F21. Styling high-waisted pants can be tricky, so I tucked in the T-shirt and balanced out the proportions with a longer tuxedo jacket to dress up the look.