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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Santa Barbara Shopping Wrap-Up

Does the gray top pictured below look familiar? If so, that's because it's a knockoff of the popular ruffled blouse that was part of Cavalli's line for H&M. I found this top at Wet Seal in Santa Barbara and at just under $20, I could afford to buy the white version as well. What strikes me as a bit ironic is that Wet Seal is "taking inspiration" from H&M. It's generally H&M that "takes inspiration" from the runway. Cheap chic retailers are knocking each other off! I'm certainly not complaining. After scouring ebay for the Cavalli for H&M top in black and seeing the outrageous prices, I was relieved to see this copy at Wet Seal. It's been four months since the Cavalli collection came out, so now I'm asking what took Wet Seal so long?

Armed with a gift card for Nordstrom, I walked in to the Santa Barbara location with little expectations. Compared to the San Francisco and South Coast Plaza locations, the Santa Barbara Nordstrom leaves much to be desired. Their footwear department is minimal, handbags and accessories have very little floor space, and I often leave empty-handed. This time, however, I instantly gravitated toward this brightly adorned geometric top. When I looked at the label, I muttered in surprise at seeing that the top was by Hurley. Despite having grown up in Orange County, where Hurley is based, I have never been (and don't plan on being) a wearer of surf and skate labels. This top reminds me of the bright colors one might see on one of my favorite street style sites, Reykjavik Looks. I'll wear it with gray skinnies, an oversized metallic clutch and some bold-colored patent shoes for a night out, or with a prim cardigan, dark denim, a large tote, and sensible flat boots for daytime.

I like to wear hoodies on the weekends when I feel more relaxed and lazy about my appearance. Often times, Wet Seal is trying to clear out merchandise so they have buy one, get one free deals. I got both of the printed hoodies pictured below for the whopping total of $9.99. I apologize for the horrible lighting, I have a beautiful new chandelier in place of the 2 compact fluorescent lightbulbs that I was using before. No amount of Photoshop could correct it, so I'm going to have to figure something out to improve the photos. Don't worry, I'm going to offset the removal of the 2 compact fluorescent bulbs by placing them elsewhere.