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Thursday, February 7, 2008

San Francisco Window Shopping - Spring '08

Here are a few store window photos from my trip to San Francisco. It was a great time to shop, as the stores were remarkably less hectic and crowded compared to my trip at the end of December. I've never seen Union Square so quiet! The spring merchandise has been stocked, and there are several wearable trends to choose from. I observed: plenty of safari looks at Old Navy, nautical influences at Forever 21, Gap, and Anthropologie, romantic frilly tops at Forever 21, 1970s-inspired embroidery at Anthropologie, neon jeans at Urban Outfitters, and lots of graphic hoodies, novelty denim, floppy hats, preppy shirtdresses, and gauzy scarves at H&M. I'll post photos of my purchases later, but for now, feel free to do some window shopping!

Americana at Torso Vintage on Sutter Street.

Pajama looks at Paul Frank on Sutter Street.

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Sleek urban styling at Guess

Novelty footwear at a Chinatown boutique