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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Oh Betsey!

Here's another reason why Betsey Johnson is fast becoming one of my favorite designers. As soon as I walk into one of her stores, I dream about wearing her ultra feminine and playful dresses to fun parties. With endless racks of silk, lace, pleats, ruffles, and dreamy color combinations, my inner girly girl is awakened and I suddenly get inspired to throw a tea party with a strict dress code. It almost makes me wish I was a high schooler shopping for a prom dress! The pinafore pictured below had me drooling a few months ago. Alas, even at the reduced price of $195, I thought it was too expensive, so I parted ways with it and hoped it would be further reduced. Well today must have been my lucky day because I spotted it amongst a sea of black dresses almost immediately. I couldn't believe that some fashionista hadn't snatched it up already. When I looked at the price tag and saw that it was on sale for $62.50, I knew I had to have it. My heart rate started to increase. It was the last one left and I wasn't sure if it would fit. In the dressing room, I was pleased with the fit and the adjustable straps. With an original price of $250, this is one of those moments that made me feel like I scored a huge deal. Cheers to shopping at Betsey Johnson!

Betsey Johnson romper