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Sunday, February 10, 2008

My Own Rose Bowl Style

With temperatures in the upper 70's, I decided to head out to the Rose Bowl Flea Market to wander around and do some shopping. It was unusually crowded, perhaps because of the fantastic weather, the Presidents' Day holiday on Monday, or the pressure to buy Valentine's Day gifts. At any rate, I ditched my usual wide-leg jeans and practical Nikes in exchange for my Topshop skinnies tucked into some flat boots. The purple bomber-style jacket is brand new, so I couldn't resist wearing it with a graphic T-shirt (also from Topshop), a plastic cassette pendant necklace from H&M and a guitar-shaped handbag. I think the look is very 80's and a little bit rock n' roll. In the coming days I will post a few photos of things I saw at the Rose Bowl and some of my latest purchases.