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Monday, February 18, 2008

Me In Menswear

As if I couldn't get enough of winter's tuxedo trend, I recently bought a menswear item that I had been looking for for months - a skinny tie. After almost giving up hope that I would find one at a decent price point, I stumbled upon this one at an Aldo store in San Francisco. The day after I bought it, I was browsing at another Aldo (also in San Francisco) and I saw it in white and also in leopard print. This trend appeals to me because there's something bold and empowering about women who wear ties. My only hope with this look is that I don't look like a waitress or caterer.

Outfit details:
Puff-sleeved top - Target
Skinny tie - $15, Aldo
Faded Cheap Monday skinny jeans - $19.99, Urban Outfitters in Pasadena
Giraffe print peep-toe pumps - Target in Cupertino