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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Now You Know...About Jumeau

Sometimes I liken the search for a great handbag to the search for great friends - often times they can be hard to find, but once you find them, you rely upon them and keep them close to you. Such is the case with a new line of handbags called Jumeau, which is being launched by a company called Andramine. There are four collections in the Fall/Winter '07 line: the Institution Collection, the Now Collection, the Commando Collection, and the Green Collection.

Jumeau handbagsThe "Zofia" bag, which is part of the Institution Collection, (pictured above in the Blooberry/Grey Stone colorway) features "NeauStop" next generation rip-stop fabric, an adjustable canvas shoulder strap, plenty of interior pockets, antique bronze hardware, and heavy-duty zippers. With its durable NeauStop fabric and classic design, this bag will last me many years. It's a great medium-sized bag for carrying my everyday essentials: a PDA, my digital camera, some cosmetics, my favorite fashion magazines, and my wallet.

Jumeau handbagsThe "Calder" is also part of the Institution Collection. It's pictured above in the Sandstone color, but it also comes in Capuccino, Bark (a dark brown), and Grey Stone. With its detachable shoulder strap, this lawyer's bag can be worn on the shoulder, messenger-style across the body, or carried by its two small handles. Like the "Zofia", it has lots of pockets - two on the front, one on the back, and several inside. It's the perfect size for a small laptop or DVD player and will make a great preppy carry on for my next flight. The abrasion and fire resistant fabric mean that it will travel well and endure whatever comes its way.
Jumeau handbags
Fans of eco-friendly products will be pleased to know that the Green Collection focuses on natural materials such as organic cotton, bamboo, and natural dyes. Retail prices for this collection range from $75 to $229. For more detailed information about Jumeau handbags and all of their collections, check out their online lookbook.