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Monday, February 11, 2008

Hi Styley!

I rarely gush about other fashion blogs or bloggers here on Fashion Trend Guide, however, today I discovered a fairly new Los Angeles street style website that I had never heard of. So please excuse me while I make a biased recommendation for you street style lovers out there! While browsing some of the street style blogs linked on my sidebar, I stumbled upon Hi Styley.

The Swedish born photographer behind the lens of Hi Styley effectively captures some of the most stylish L.A. citizens I've ever seen in various locations around the city. While Los Angelenos may be known for their casual and sometimes boring style (in contrast to cities like London or Copenhagen), this site shows otherwise. The photos, which are large and clear, make great use of the natural light in which they're shot. I've always believed that no matter how well your subject is dressed or posed, the picture may not have impact unless the photographer has talent...and this photographer does. Hi Styley has all the right ingredients for a successful street fashion blog, and I'll be checking it on a regular basis for inspiration.