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Monday, February 11, 2008

Browsing At The Rose Bowl

In addition to practically any household item, piece of furniture, or article of clothing you could possibly want, there is a wide variety of new clothing sold by vendors at the Rose Bowl Flea Market. These vendors are concentrated in a circle that encompasses the Rose Bowl, while all the vintage merchandise is located in an enormous separate area off to the left when you enter the flea market. In my experience, the vendors of new merchandise are unwilling to bargain, although their prices are usually reasonable. I've seen everything from J Brand jeans to Hello Kitty T shirts and embellished wedge sandals at prices well below retail. There are also some great food vendors if you choose to forgo the ususal junk food that's sold at the Rose Bowl food stands. Not in the mood for a pretzel, BBQ sandwich, hot dog, or garlic fries? There are vendors who sell only dried fruit or jam and also a bakery that sell cookies and loaves of bread, which make great gifts. Not sure what to buy your friend who has everything? How about a pendant necklace with a large insect inside? To read some of my flea market shopping tips, click here.

Although I didn't buy anything at the flea market yesterday, there are a few items pictured below that I thought were interesting.

Rose Bowl Flea Market Tweed jacket with embroidery

Rose Bowl Flea Market

High School Musical 2 bags and shirts

Rose Bowl Flea Market Skull print patchwork leggings & lingerie

Rose Bowl Flea Market Trendy spring dresses

Rose Bowl Flea Market Bubble dress with pockets

Rose Bowl Flea MarketVintage Mexican peasant top

Rose Bowl Flea Market
Graphic print dress and tunic