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Monday, February 4, 2008

Bon Voyage!

My suitcase is packed and I'm ready for another trip to San Francisco. This time around I'm flying, so this poses a different packing scenario for me. On road trips I tend to pack more because I don't have to worry about lugging a heavy suitcase around at the airport. The suitcase pictured below is the smallest one I own, and I wasn't able to fit as much as I would have liked inside it. I admit to having poor skills when it comes to packing, as it's so hard to edit my entire wardrobe down to just a few pieces for a short amount of time!

packed suitcase The strategy that I employed this time was to pack the heavier items on the bottom (a pair of boots and some jeans) and then place lighter items on top. The oversized brown and white canvas handbag holds my cosmetics and makeup, so in case anything spills or explodes, it won't ruin everything. I learned this lesson the hard way when a shampoo bottle leaked on a long flight to Melbourne, messing up other items I had packed. The large handbag has a dual purpose - it will also serve as an extra piece of luggage if I buy too much and can't fit it in the suitcase on my return flight. My accesssories are placed in the netted portion of the suitcase, where they'll be easy to find. Although not visible in the photo, I rolled my jeans and tops tightly so that they will take up less room and hopefully have minimal wrinkles when I unpack.

Most of the items I packed were in a neutral color palette of black, tan, and gray. That way everything matches and I can mix and match each piece and layer them in order to get maximum usage out of everything I packed.

Unfortunately, I probably won't be on the internet for a couple of days, but when I return I will have tales and photos of my San Francisco shopping adventures. Bon voyage!