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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

You Must Be 21 Or Over To Read This :)

My second day in San Francisco consisted of a visit to the Asian Art Museum (where they had a display of Japanese fashion called Stylized Sculpture), shopping and lunch on Union Street, and a night of delicious alcoholic libations at several fine SF establishments. I started the night off with my friend who I shall refer to as Y.K. from here on out. While dodging raindrops, we walked a few blocks over to Hotel W to check out the XYZ bar. For some silly reason, it's always been my "dream" to have a drink there. I've walked by on previous trips to SF and I've peered longingly in the window, wondering what kind of folks are in there and what kind of drinks they're enjoying. Y.K. and I were quite impressed with the sleek and modern decor. The bar was large, with several different types of seating arrangements. As it was still early, there were a few families in there eating dinner. We opted for a table not far from the DJ, and the music was at just the right volume to allow for conversation. The service and the cocktails were excellent, and our server even provided us with a listing of local nightclub recommendations. From XYZ, we walked back to the car and drove to Voda, a modern, sexy vodka bar located in an alley. As we walked through the red vinyl curtains and I absorbed the atmosphere, I could tell that the drinks would be good. I admired the red and white decor and the impressive selection of vodkas on display at the bar. As someone who favors vodka and fruity martinis, this place was like heaven. The progressive European-style music and my delicious key lime martini were perfect for chilling out. As there was no dance floor, Y.K. and I moved on to our third venue of the night, which happened to be a subterranean club called The Cellar, located on Sutter St. Although there was no line to get in, as we descended the steps inside the club, we noticed that not only were there two dance floors, but both of them were packed. One area was playing top 40 and hip hop, while the other area attracted an older crowd with "old school" 90's music. It's always fun to go shopping and sightseeing in different cities, but for me, a good way to see what a city is like is to check out the nightlife. Cheers!

San Francisco nightlife