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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Spring '08 Catalog Picks

My Alloy and dELiA*s catalogs just arrived and here are my best picks for spring:

spring 2008 trends
1. Claire cami with crochet and button detail, $28.50, dELiA*s

2. Convertible lace tote - can be used as a tote or folded like a clutch, $29.50, Alloy

3.Honey Bee shoe, $39, dELiA*s

4. Blowfish canvas hobbit, $48, dELiA*s

5. Vybe heels, $29.50, Alloy

6. Ombre peeptoe, $39, dELiA*s

Photo credit: alloy.com and delias.com