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Monday, January 14, 2008

Room Redo

I suppose many of the home decorating shows that I've been watching lately on HGTV have rubbed off on me. Who doesn't want to improve the look and feel of their nest? Interior design is currently one of my burgeoning interests. I've never worked with an interior designer, but I would like to in order to improve the appearance of some of my living spaces. Lucky for me, a large sliding glass door in my room was recently changed into a window, thereby giving me many more decorating options along one wall. The new double paned window dramatically decreases the amount of noise and cold air that previously leaked through the old sliding glass door. I'm so happy it's gone!

This evening I performed a quick and simple transformation to give the room a cleaner, more streamlined look. The garment rack that is pictured below on the left is one of my bad habits. It cost about $11 at Target and is an easy way to hang the overflow from the crowded closet. Despite its convenience, it wasn't doing anything to enhance the appearance of the room. I moved it to the guest room and placed the floral jewelry armoire at an angle in the corner. Then I switched the positions of Matilda the mannequin and my small bookcase, and tah da! The room feels much larger and less crowded, and now I can display small accessories on the shelves to the left of the window. While I'm happy with these subtle changes, I still have some wall space left and I may buy some new furniture to utilize the space in the near future...

bedroom redecorating
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