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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Outfit For A Rainy Day (Last Sunday)

I hate to admit it, but every once in a while I buy something and let it sit around in my closet for a while with tags still attached. Perhaps it's due to the fact that I'm contemplating selling the item on ebay or perhaps the item needs some minor alteration. Such was the case with the Alice Temperley for Target cropped sweater vest pictured below. I just cut the tags off a few days ago! The vest was a total impulse buy, as I thought Target would sell out of them immediately. Since the demand on ebay for Temperley for Target items appears to be minimal, I decided to keep it. It's got a fun graphic print which adds a playful element to the outfit. I added my green boots which I bought in London because it was raining and I'm sure these are waterproof. This was the first time I wore the boots because I wasn't sure exactly how to style them given their bright color. A sales girl at Old Navy actually complimented me on them and inquired if they were rain boots. I suppose they do resemble rain boots, except for the three buckles that adorn the outer side of each boot. The scarf in the photo is from Urban, and it also comes in black. In addition to fringe, it's got a bird and Eiffel Tower print which makes it quirky. To make the ensemble weather-appropriate, I threw on my favorite black thigh-length parka (not pictured) which keeps me warm and dry in any weather. (I know because I bought it during a trip to Seattle when it was pouring.)