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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Fashion Week Ventura 2008 Schedule

You may be thinking "Ventura has a fashion week?" or even "where the heck is Ventura?" Well it's an hour north of Los Angeles, or as I like to say, a half hour south of Santa Barbara. Look out world, because Ventura is staking its place on the world's fashion map! I am excited about the week's events and here is this year's schedule:

Wed. Feb. 27 - pre-party at Jonathan's. Enjoy delicious cocktails, great food, and good music at this Main Street hotspot. (The martinis and tapas are some of the best in town and this place is a great reason to dress up for the night.)

Thurs. Feb. 28 - Movie night in the park - screening of "Unzipped", the documentary of Isaac Mizrahi. Bring your own lawn chair and blanket and enjoy the flick.

Fri. Feb. 29 - skate and surf fashion show and live music at the Red Brick Gallery at 328 E. Main St.

Sat. March 1 - Cirque Du Couture fashion and entertainment at the Red Brick Gallery. Think Moulin Rouge meets freak show circa 1900. (Probably best to leave the kids at home.)

Sun. March 2 - after party/beer bust at Paddy's on Main St at 4pm.

For more information or for volunteer/sponsor opportunities, please visit the Fashion Week Ventura website.