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Monday, December 3, 2007

Why I Love Old Navy

Behold the benefits of a company which has been accused of mass production and so-called slave labor:

Old Navy jacket This beautiful jacket with quilted hearts was only $25, yes, only $25 at Old Navy. Perhaps when there's talk of a slumping economy, the retailers come to the rescue with great sales and promotions! I saved so much that I bought two of these jackets - one for me and one for my lucky sibling who won't freeze this winter. (Sorry, V. if I ruined the surprise...I hope you like black!) Combine that with the 10% off discount that I received for filling out an online survey based upon a prior shopping experience at Old Navy and I felt like a very accomplished shopper! The original price of the jacket is $68. It's a great casual jacket for wearing when California temps dip below 50 degrees (that's when I start to complain that it's "freezing"). An added benefit is that the pockets are lined in cozy fleece - perfect for jamming your hands into when you've forgotten to wear gloves.