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Monday, December 10, 2007

On A Friday Night, I Wore...

For a night of cold beverages, hot music, and dancing on Friday, I wore a silk halter top from Bebe, Cheap Mondays tucked into "vintage" Nine West boots, a silver frame bag, and a bold green jacket from Zara in London.
Judging from the response I got from the male population at the chosen venue, my outfit was a success. By the way, when was it ever acceptable for a guy to creep on to the dance floor and start dancing with you without even asking first? In my book - never. I've always given the cold shoulder to guys who do this. I know that some unwritten social rules are forgotten in nightclubs, but guys, come on, if you want to show a girl some respect, then politely ask her to dance! Who knows, if you're respectful, you have rhythm, (and you're atttractive) maybe she'll say yes!