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Monday, December 24, 2007

Getting Smokey

Mention the word "smokey" and most of the time I will cringe in disgust. One exception to this would be if we're talking about makeup. I've recently been experimenting with new eye shadow colors such as charcoal, violet, and various shades of gold and silver. What great timing, because thanks to the wonderful team over at Coutorture, I recently received Sephora's Smokey Eye Kit. I was excited to see that it comes with a helpful instructional card for buffoons like me who are far from experts in the makeup department. (Hmm, maybe I'm too harsh on myself. Perhaps I'm not a buffoon, but an amateur at the very least.) In any case, the kit comes with: an all over shadow brush, a shader brush, a liner brush, a dome smudge brush, a lash comb, and volume mascara. All of this is encased in a sleek gunmetal gray faux leather case which is perfect for traveling. I'll definitely be using this on my trip to San Francisco in a few days! Thank you to the staff at Coutorture! Happy holidays to all!

smokey eye brush set